Friday, June 15, 2007

1955 Seagrave Aerial Ladder Truck


Irwin Chusid said...

This classic Seagrave is on exhibit at the Museum of Firefighting, Hudson, New York. If you're in or passing thru town, a visit is recommended. Fascinating place with hundreds of relics. Find out why a hydrant is called a "fireplug" and where the phrase "bucket brigade" originated—and view ancient artifacts of both. Oh, and lots of TRUCKS (including a colonial pumper from 1725). Museum info:

Perry said...

Hi Irwin,

I just read your post dated "Friday, June 15, 2007." Wow, you live one week in the future! You must be able to clean up betting on sporting events.

For now,


Irwin Chusid said...

It's the Japanese approach, Perry. In Tokyo, it's already tomorrow!